Session Plans

Session plans will be posted in advance for all sessions.

Session Overview

Technique set - over the 8 weeks we work on a different area of the swim stroke with a standard set of drills and adapting these drills or introducing different drills dependant on the swimmers needs.  The focus on the sessions 

Swim set - the main swim set will alternate between an endurance set (below CSS pace) and a threshold set (around CSS pace) for which the Tempo Trainer will be an important tool.  The rest in these sets is just as important as the work element to ensure the correct physiological adaptations.  The distance of each of these sets will be set appropriate to the swimmers ability.  Whilst swimming these swim sets the you should focus on the elements of your stroke that have been worked upon in the technique set.

 Date Technique Set  Swim Set
 2nd Nov  CSS Test & Drill Overview  Endurance
 9th Nov  Breathing  Threshold
 16th Nov  Kick  Endurance
 23rd Nov  Body position and alignment  Threshold
 30th Nov  Catch  Endurance
 7th Dec  Rhythm and Timing  Threshold
 14th Dec  Open Water*  Endurance
 21st Dec  Drill medley  Threshold

* the Open Water technique session will incorporate a lot of the drills previously covered plus some additional ones specific to open water swimming