Open Water

In order to deliver the quality in coaching that we want to achieve our preferred approach is to get in the water with you and coach individuals or small groups (up to 4 people). If you wish to be coached in a larger group then please contact us to discuss as this may be more suited to shore based or on-water coaching. We feel the small groups work best as we can focus on individuals requirements and also practice group skills.

These sessions will move at the pace of the individual/group and move from the basic to advanced open water skills which include:

  • putting a wetsuit on

  • warm up (shore)

  • water entry

  • acclimatisation

  • warm up (water)

  • troubleshooting - goggles, hyperventilation, fatigue

  • breathing patterns

  • swimming in a straight line - sighting

  • turns

  • swimming in close proximity to others

  • race starts

  • drafting

  • pacing

  • water exit

  • wetsuit removal

Coaching Venues

We will coach you at your venue of your choice.

Different venues provide different challenges. Barton Marina is a great venue for practising OW skills, the conditions very rarely getting beyond a very light surface chop and you are never more than 15-20m away from the shore. Blithfield on the other hand is much larger expanse of water, normally colder than Barton and more exposed so on a windy day with the sun setting can test even the best swimmers.

Remember you need to train in an OW environment similar to that of your A race but you should build your skills and confidence up: first in the pool; then somewhere like Barton Marina; before progressing on to tougher environments.

For more detail on the local venues click here.


We operate a two tier pricing system dependant on where you want the OW coaching to take place - the difference in price is due to the additional travelling time and cost.

Please note you will still have to pay your own venue fees.

£40/hour - 1 coach - 1-4 people

  • Barton Marina

  • Lavender Patch

£60/hour - 1 coach - 1-4 people

  • All other local venues

If you wish to be coached at a venue further afield or wish to discuss any OW coaching requirements you may have please contact us.