Swim Squad - 1h 15mins

Max coaching ratio 1:20


3 sessions



3 sessions = £25

5 lanes of the pool are dedicated to the swim squad. Please note staff and pupils of Repton Preparatory School may attend these sessions so please ensure you conduct yourself appropriately for an environment in which children may be present.

Each lane will have a maximum of 4 swimmers so each swimmer should comfortably train at their own pace without any lane congestion.

We are happy that anyone of any ability who wishes to participate in the squad session can attend.

The swim squad session will be split into two parts.

  1. The first part will be an extended warm-up focussing on technique and incorporating standard drills, which will be fully explained in all the sessions - fins, pull buoys and paddles will be required - see equipment section.

  2. The second part of the session will develop swim fitness through either a: speed; endurance; or threshT set. Extensive use will be made of the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro as the sessions will be based upon your Critical Swim Speed (CSS). For more information on CSS - click here.

Maximum benefit will be gained from these sessions by attending regularly. You will benefit from the consistent training but also this will allow the coaches to get to know your swim stroke and tailor the drill sets to maximise your development.

Private Coaching

Max coaching ratio 1:1


30 mins

60 mins




The content of these session is whatever you agree with your coach in advance and would apply to any level of swimmer:

  • the non-swimmer looking for lessons

  • the beginner who is still fighting with the basics such as breathing and having to stop every few lengths

  • the intermediate swimmer who is stuck in a rut with their swimming

  • the advance swimmer who wants to further refine their stroke

Video analysis and stroke correction session

Max coaching ratio 1:1


90min session



The session starts with the swimmer being videoed both above and below the water. The next 15-20mins of the session will be conducted on poolside with your coach reviewing the video footage. With the one or two key areas of your stroke identified the remaining time will be spent in the pool swimming and conducting drills that will ultimately help develop your stroke. If you wish you can be videoed again at the end of the session. You will be provided with a copy of the video to keep.

Video review session

Max coaching ratio 1:4

If you already have a high definition video of yourself swimming you can have your video reviewed by one of the coaches in a more relaxing environment. If a group of you have videos and train regularly together then this would be a great way in which you could understand each others stroke and therefore provide feedback to each other in the future. You will each receive a copy of your review session and also be provided with suggested drills which help you develop your stroke. Click here to download the video review session pdf.

For swimmers who attend the squad session or a 1-2-1/small group coached session and wish to have a Video Review Session then let the coaches know and they will get you videoed during the main session.

The coach will travel a reasonable distance to undertake a video review session. Any additional travelling expenses will be agreed in advance.

Individual review - 1 person / 1 video

Group Review - min 2 people/ 2 videos

Additional time can be added to any session for £10/15mins